Monday, July 20, 2009

God bless the one who invented "sprinklers"

i really believe it was a divine revelation. a myriad of designs-- no matter, each inspired by God, Himself, no doubt.

sure... we have the community pool. but it fares itself a man-made, unimaginative sort. nothing to the glory that it "the sprinklers."

and who can deny the proximity... the memories... the pure and simpleness.......

not i.

besides, with the insane a/c bills, who could even notice a little extra water being expended...

again, not i.

Monday, July 6, 2009


why... it's all i'm asking.

one simple question.

one simple word...

but said word need a bit more. why, is it that any-and-every time i give praise regarding the children's behaviour, it is blatantly undone. i've noticed this with any-and-every time i do something nice, like buy them something or let them make a choice for the entire family, as well. the next action is invariably opposite.

i could suppose it is this "natural balance" thingy. or human nature. i subscribe less to an automatic jinxing. although, even the holiest of men, such as Moses or King David-- the "man after God's own heart," for St. Peter's sake!!!-- keep us company with such indiscretions.

i dunno... nonetheless, it makes me wanna do nice things much less, and guard my compliments from being spoken aloud.

but today, again, i will NOT say how pleased or perhaps indifferent even, i feel, with/without certain offspring bearing remote similarities of DNA-- or not-- of an encouraging and uplifting "sense of" co-existence.

of course, you didn't hear that from me...