Monday, August 10, 2009

Admin-In-Service Day

It's back to school, for the teacher and staff. At least here, at home/unschool. And since I've no new faculty to necessitate ice-breakers and up-to-dates, it's straight to business. For me, that means sending the kids upstairs while I contemplate what to do in the next few...

First on my list to address is the concerns of our parent-- the other one-- who is moved by the children's comments of "why can't we be in normal school." You know, "like the ones on Nickelodeon and Disney Channel." The second-- and quite relevant-- point here being dismissed to its preface. A real bummer, since she is the sole financial investor to the institution.

To my good fortune, a slough of comments from every stranger we spoke with during our vacation last week sang Bel Canto praises to our mission and endeavor. The teacher and students have only to provide some sense of proof for the days' lessons. Not entirely as easy as a traditional report card or progress chart, but do-able. We do a handful of workbooks and online learning to provide such.

But the core to my system leans on the unquantifiable unschooling side. And upon this "In-Service" day, I ask myself why...

I confess to squirm in my seat a bit here. Like I said earlier, "blah blah unquantifiable blah..." During the regular school day I tend to dismiss that which gets in the way of eccentric and meaningful thought. But no can do, partner. Not without risking my own unwarranted institutionalization. It's something standard methods have trouble with measuring.

Anyone else in my clogs???

Can't wait for tomorrow's In-Service topic...


Anonymous said...

Our financial backer (my wonderful husband) is totally on board with unschooling, but I know where you are coming from because I get the sense that the parents of my daughter's friends -- girls who are excelling in high school -- must go home and say to each other, "What does Susan's kid DO all day?"

As you wrote, it's wholly unquantifiable, but man-oh-man, do my husband and I know it's there. It's there, and all you have to do is really talk with her to know that. Unfortunately, most of these parents only know how to say one thing to kids: "What grade are you in?"

I don't mean that cruelly. It's just sad.

Good luck, and please feel free to have your banker contact mine at any time to discuss financing the unquantifiable!

The Stone Age Techie said...

Our financial backer was not really on board at the beginning of this whole endeavor, but just a few weeks ago was overheard to say: "if there's one thing I have learned these last few years, it's that there is more than one way to learn stuff."
So, now we are golden!