Friday, January 29, 2010

a LOT...

long time no see. really?

are we not always "occasionally" distracted, for better or for worse?

i've gotta good combo of both going right this last quarter. better? let's start with worse... it seems best to end on a good note, and chronologically, no completely without accuracy. so,

i've struggled. much. and by "much" i mean NOT INTENTIONALLY, as i have a lot on my plate and a lot to handle and i've learned alot this year and have a lot yet to learn, a lot of ghosts in my walk-in closet, a lot to loose/realize still....... let's just say, A LOT going on.

and the kids/students, a lot they've learned... a lot left to learn... a lot of-- not pressure, or stress or misinformation. just a lot on THEIR plates.

and like what's on mine, some can be stored and sealed away for another time, soon.

and what's better than leftovers, when they've had the chance for the spicy nuances to soak in? all i can say is, we're so blessed... a LOT!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

When did life become so hectic? I want to go back to the biggest stress I had was having a zit on my forehead. Now I barely notice the zit, ha!

Praying for you.