Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Don't Loose Your Marbles

...Use your marbles. Along with balls you can throw and catch. Ones you can kick. Bounce some. Roll them. Or try to juggle. Heck, we even watch TV on workout balls.

We love the ladderball Grandpa made us last summer. One of our favorite things to do is to invent or play unusual games with them.

We've done tennis ball golf-- Tolf-- into tumped over buckets. There's also this Balloon Bomb, where if it touches the ground you blow up. Pretty safe gameplay in the living room as well.

Our latest is croquet with a soccer ball-- Soccroquet, of course. Try Freeze Catch, where you have to throw it back however you catch it. Or Peanut Pong, since our kids don't drink beer or have peanut allergies. Footbag Bocce is great to play in a hallway.

And using a ball is beneficial as well. It's all incredible for engaging your mind as well as your muscles. In fact, these activities are synergistic in nature and increase our abilities to focus. Best of all, it's fun doing it.

Even as I type, I've got a game waiting for me. So I leave you with this "cheeseball" before I hop off, as encouragement to get out there, and have a ball!

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Lilith Silvermane said...

We play Balloon bomb in our house. Or at least something like it. It actually started with a group of us mid 20's early teen adults when we would sit around and just talk. (usually about twice a month)

Then as the children got older, We started teaching them the fine art of "DO NOT LET IT HIT THE GROUND"... hours of entertainment... until you get a toddler in there who thinks the balloon is her's. That ends the festivities quickly. However, they all learn, you've gotta pass it to someone, to have the opportunity to get it back!

Great for cool winter months!
Thanks for the alternative tips!