Wednesday, April 1, 2009

i'm gonna live to be a hundred and three!

Maybe just shy. No matter, " 'cause I'm no fool..."

Does anyone else feel that certain anxieties of parenting/schooling is cutting short our very lives? It worries me sometimes, in my selfish thoughts. I mean, we all know for a fact that stress is the number one killer. Nothing else comes close. To boot, nothing I've even heard about comes close to the pressure of raising and education children to their fullest potential

To add pressure, we have to model it to give our gang a reasonable chance of learning it. But here's where the "hundred and three" (a quote I picked up from Jiminy) part comes in: As we claw and strive to provide the best possible for our kids, we grow... we enhance ourselves. It's been said that a teacher learns far more by way of preparation than what they end up "teaching." It's one of those side benefits we homeschool educators quickly learn the benefits of.

But I encourage you guys to take full adavantage of this. What we strive for is ultimately the Big Picture for our little "loves." And what we avail ourselves to, is nothing less than a total reformation of the TEACHER, as well. And this fulfillment is a breath of fresh air, if you allow it. A life-giving, chunk of inspiration we can use to enrich not just our kiddos, but ourselves and the world around us.

So be that kinda "full" today, and breathe it in! Besides, if our kids end up wanting what they had growing up, we can count on being solicited to schooling our grands and great-grands as well! 

Blessing to us all! ~Mister Dad


Kris said...

I agree. I probably learn way more than that kids...which isn't to say that they aren't learning. I know I learn way more than I retained from my own education.

Btw, I'm glad you didn't actually fall off the face of the earth. Hope you and yours are doing well.

Anonymous said...

I agree, too! My life is so much richer because i have been my child's teacher. Also, my child sees my passion for learning, and that has an effect on her. It's all one big love-to-learn fest, isn't it? And I hope you do live to be 103!

Anonymous said...

I agree too! Learning everyday, right along with them. :)

Home4Skool said...

Me too! When I first took on homeschooling, several friends commented that they'd already gone to school and wouldn't want to go back. I'm always learning something and I do love it!